Friday, 22 March 2019

My Story

A long time ago There was a prince called Arthur his dad told him a story every night about the storks the storks were these creatures that follow their king called Demon head  . One day His dad the king was very sick the dad said when I die you will become king. So one night he heard his dad suffering in pain he ran to his room kicked the door open and saw a knife in his chest. The next day there was a funeral the prince was angry and upset he was the king now he said ‘’guards lock the gates’’. He was trying to figure out who did this to his father he went in the room and found a piece of paper it showed a picture of a plan it was to kill the king and start a war so Demon head told his whole entire army to put there armor on sharpen their swords and get ready we attack at dawn. It was morning the king woke up and looked out the window and saw all the birds flying away and the king saw all the storks marching to his castle and stopped.  King Arthur brought all his Spartans and told everyone to close their doors and lock them he opened the gates a said ‘’fire’’ the Spartans thru there spears at the storks and most of them died and the King demon head told one of his storks to blow the hoorn and bring the giants out it wasn't a fair fight.The king lit a torch so all the other castles can bring all the knights and there were the barbarians the the elves and thousands of them then the king lit one more touch and all the other Spartans came the all ran some of them even were riding horses and they all got there the elves were shooting arrows the barbarians were charging up and were hitting them with their giant hammers and swords and all the giants died and the king Demon head ran away with his storks and all of them cheers and the all go back and have a big feast and the storks were at their home chewing bones and King Arthur and all the kingdoms lived  happily ever after THE END

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Year 5/6 Camp Writing

Last week on Wednesday we had our school yr 5-6 camp. On Monday we went in our groups and found out who our camp teachers are and our group name my group name was Tamaiti Lelei we also learned our consent dance. On Tuesday we dropped off our big bags.

My first highlight was kayaking. Mr Burt was giving us instructions like ‘’foot bum foot’’ that's how you get in and how to paddle he said ‘’knife and spoon’’ ‘’use the knife to slice through the water and the spoon to scoop it’’. I liked it because when I was on a single kayak I was going over the waves and I went around the post 7 times and I also fell out 2 times. It was fun I was hovering over the waves made by the motor after that we had a swim in the water. The was freezing cold but after a little bit it got warm.

My second highlight was the slip N slide because I felt like I was in a dishwasher because it was so soapy and I went on the long slide and I went off the end we had lots of races and I won most of them.

What I learned about camp was team work better together and being a role model.

Thank you to all the Families thanks school for looking after us and security , Parent Helpers, Teachers, and Leaders.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Describing Me

Describing Me

Funny because sometimes I make my friends laugh.Special because I’m special to my family.Artistic because I’m good at painting.Creative because I find things and make stuff out of them.Humble because I don’t tell people what I’m good at.Shy because I don’t talk that much.Friendly because I have friends.Helpful because I always help people.Scared because next year I’m not coming to this school.Smart because I’m really good at reading.

Holiday recount

Holiday Recount

On the holidays it was my little sisters birthday we went to the pools to celebrate her birthday first I ran to the diving board and did a few bombs after that I walked to the slide and went down it a lot of times then I went to the pool and swam for a bit. After that we all had lunch and sang happy birthday to my little sister and ate her cake and went back on the slide when I was going down the slide I whacked my head so hard and then went to the big pool to cool it off. After that me and my cousins went to go on the diving board.When we got there I went on the big one I saw lots of kids jumping off it then I was a little bit scared when I was climbing the ladder I walked to the edge and jumped off and went really deep in the pool then I swam up and said ‘’that was amazing’’ and did it a few more times and then we went back on the slide. After that I went to have a swimming race with one of my cousins and I won after we said bye and went home.

If I could invite any famous person to dinner

If I could invite any famous person to dinner it would be Michael Jackson Because he is my favorite singer.My favorite song is Man in the Mirror.The next person would Sam White lock he is my favorite rugby player because how tall he is.


If I could take my family anywhere it would be

If I could take my family anywhere it would be CookIland because I love there clear beach and so I can kayak and surf,fishing and learn to climb a coconut tree.Then we would get a free house from my family that lives there.I will also go to the beach every morning and will go snorkeling.

Making Connections