Monday, 3 July 2017

Tamarereti story

This term in term 2 team 3 has bean doing animation this is my Tamarereti story.

Tessellation with squares

This wk miss moala's maths class did tessellation with squares.  


Looking out at the clear glistening blue water I see a walkway.Suddenly I stop I think to myself would this be a good idea before giving  myself  a chance to as well. I find myself jumping onto the slippery log. I skip from log to log splash  slipping off the log  I land head first  into the ice cold water.With all my strength I swim across the water back to the beach what an adventure.

Maori village

I walked into a maori village I saw  people  cooking komera in the hangi.As I kept walking  i saw paths that led to houses.Then I went inside a house and I asked a the man sitting on the cheer he was wearing black pants and a white t-shirt.I asked him if I can have a look at his house.Then I looked at his room he had a brown and red bed I looked around the corna and I saw a box i asked him if i can have a look in the box in the box I saw a picture of him when he was a little boy.Then i saw something else it was a beautiful hook.Then i said by man.As i was walking I saw two boys I asked for there names his name was Jereko and Buss.Jereko was wearing a blue t-shirt and orange shorts.Buss was wearing orange t-shirt and blue shorts. They told me to follow them.They took me to a lake.Then Buss picked up 10 sticks then we went back  to the village then me an the to boys made a fire and cooked some food.After that they asked me if I can help them with fishing I said yes then we made fishing rods then we went fishing.When we got there we got our fishing rods out and started fishing. Then we went back to the village and went to sleep.

The Waka

As I walked down to the beach I was so surprised because there were 100 people making things out of wood they made some little homes in tool it was a village and made wakas.I smelled wet dog as I kept walking I smelled the ki the kids were eating and I can smell the smoke from the hugni.I hear the dog barking I hear the waves crashing.When they finished with the wakas they all went to have dinner when they were having dinner they were talking about that there are no fish in the water and in the coconuts it is black one of them said when are we all going to voyage.The next day they all woke   then they cooked some breakfast after their breakfast  they put their voyage clothes on.Then they all went to jump on their family boats.When they were voyaging the gigantic waves were crashing on the boats.then they all went on a beautiful island then all hopped off their boats and went on the island and made a village.