Monday, 28 August 2017

Magic Number

This week miss moalas maths class have bean doing magic numbers  our magic number is 51.

Friday, 25 August 2017



Yesterday, all the Year 3s and Year 4s got on a bus to go to the Stardome.When we were on the bus me and my buddy went to sleep.
Then the bus stopped and we woke up and walked off the bus and we
Went to the grass in our groups and miss king said room 11,12 and 13
Is going first in stardome.Then the year 3s went on the big park.

At the Stardome, we learned some really cool things about our solar system.When we walked in we saw all space stuff.We all walked in a room and there was cheers we all sat on them this lady was talking to us all about planets after her talk we were each given 1 ipad to each group.there were questions about space and planets we gave the ipad's back a and we went in a room there was a lot of cheers we could lie down on the cheers after we sat down the lady told us where the exit doors are then we watched a movie after it  we went outside.

When we weren’t in the Stardome, we were having fun outside.
It was the year 3s turn inside stardome.Then we all sat on the grass and had lunch.After lunch we went on the park everyone ran and played on the park there was a train,swings one slide,and a tree house and other things on it I went on the swing and I saw people push mr moran on the train It was so fun after we went back to the bus and got ready.

After all this, we headed back to Point England School.I was tired hepes of people were sleeping on the way there was singing and talking.When we were there we the people woke up and we dropped off our bags at class and played at school.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Phases of the moon

The amount of the moon that you can see from earth.Depends on how much it  is Lit up by the sun.This amount changes each day.The phases of the moon depend on its position in relation to the sun and earth.As the moon makes it’s way around earth.We see the bright parts of the moon's surface at different angles.These are called phases of the moon.It takes 29 days for the moon to orbit the earth.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Slimy frog

Jumping off the tree there is a slimy green frog.He looks over and sees a small cricket on his lily pad he looks at the scrumptious small cricket and pulled his tongue and the cricket jumps away. The frog jumped over the cricket and the frogs tongue leaped out  at the scrumptious cricket then into his mouth and swallowed it up.Suddenly he saw a lot of crickets and pulled his tongue out and slurped them all in his mouth the frog said that was scrumptious in frog language.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Sesons dictation

Seasons are caused because of the earth's changing position with the sun. The earth travels around the sun called an orbit once a year.As the earth orbits the sun the amount of sunlight each place  on the planet gets everyday changes slightly.This change caused the seasons. We divide the year into Four Seasons spring summer autumn and winter. Each season lasts 3 months with summer being the Warmest season winter being the coldest and Spring and Autumn lying in between.The seasons have a lot of impact on what happens on the earth.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Time problems

This wk mrs moalas maths class have bean learning about time.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


In the olden days netball was called women's basketball.In the olden days netball was played in 70 countries to.

In 1895 it was called netball and the rules changed to beta ones.

Friday, 4 August 2017

guardians of the glaxy

During when the kids were sitting all the lights turned off and there was stars above us.Suddenly there was an alien ship fly past the hall and it landed and two aliens came out and mr j and mr s came sprinting out with lightsabers  and killed the aliens.Next mr Burt came out and said now it’s time for team 1 mr J put on a movie in the movie they were singing and flow to space in there cars and they are learning about different kinds of planets.Mr Burt said now it is time for team 2 did a movie with singing and quite funny and after that miss Nalder stood up and said that team 2 are going to stardom.After that he said now it is time for team 3 miss King came up and said that we are learning about time here is a movie she said.In the movie it was so funny my favorite part was when miss Eadie locked her classroom door and ran down the hallway.Now it’s time for team 4 mr Burt said they had a movie in it they were kid playing a game and telling them what to do and the people in the game’s time for team 5 the team 5 teachers went on the stage and they had stars on them and the teacher in the middle sang a song it was little bit funny.After that we  all went to class and started learning.

My Duffy book

Thank you duffy for my book I love it.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Telling time

This week we have bean learning about telling time.

The NED show

A yoyo is an ancient toy that children enjoy playing with. In Ancient Greece 1,500 years ago they had yoyos that looked kind of weird because I like the patterns and they are old to.I love playing with yoyos because I like learning tricks and playing with my little sister.