Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Musical madness

The theme for term four is musical madness.  First when we walked in the hall there were two guitars and one trumpet and half of a drum set on the stage.  When everyone sat down Miss Nua, Mr Burt, Mr J, Mr S and Mr Wiseman played a song to us.My favourite team movie was team 4's  movie it was about the team 4 teachers were in the car listening to music my favourite part was the part when the teachers got to school and Mr J looked at them they looked back at him and Mr J listened to music too. My second favourite movie was team 3's movie because they had some of my favourite songs.  My 3rd favourite one was an act it was about the family was watching the lion king and eating popcorn.  The part that was funny is when they put the background song as let it go when the baboon was holding the baby on a high mountain while the song was playing it replayed 3 more times but different songs then we went back to class and did learning.

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