Thursday, 16 November 2017

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

My story

One cold evening I saw the sun going down and it turned dark and the moon came out.I heard wolves howling at the moon I started to run as fast as I can to find me somewhere to live suddenly I tripped over a branch and I got knocked out.when I woke up the sun was rising I saw tree-house. I ran to it and there was a sign it said this house is a secret basement it also said this is for free.After I read it I kicked the sign down and threw it in the bin.I went inside and locked the base door it had all the same things that a normal house has but there was a red and green button one of them said the green goes to the garage   and the  base was the red button.I pushed  the green button it took me down when I got there was so mene sport cars and cool cars.I went back up to the living room and pushed the red button when I got down there there was all these buttons there was a game room,bedroom,movie room,shooting practice room,gun room I did not know what to choose first suddenly i shooting noses outside I quickly ran to the gun room and I grabbed a AK47 16 grenades 20 health packs and a sniper rifle and food,dirks.I went up stairs and I saw guy at my door banging I opened it they came in with weapons  and I said hi they replied and “hey there are some aliens” and we made a plan the plan was that we spit up and kill them until we reach there kingdom.When we got there we saw guards everywhere and cameras so we went back to the base until it was night time we went out and killed all the guards silently so we don’t wake up the king.In the morning we woke up and snuck inside the kingdom when we walked around the corner we saw the king and guards around him he saw us and told ever guard there  to kill us we all split up and went all around the kingdom and did silent kills.They only 3 people there was the king and 2 strong guys all of us killed the strong guys then we killed  the king and walked back home.

Friday, 3 November 2017

My Mihi

Today we are doing our mihi in our groups and we are doing fun day Friday.