Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Designing a sport

First you tape a tennis racket to a wall and then put a  glove on the hand you throw with then one of your teammates stand in front of the racket and the person with the glove on picks up the tennis ball and throws it at the tennis racket and the person in front gets ready to catch the ball when it bounces and you have to keep on going until the person catching drops the tennis ball if he or she drops it then the next person in the team starts to catch also the person throwing the ball has to go at the back of the line and the next 2 go.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


This is what me and my group did.We had to make our on table.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Sheep's point of view

‘’why is that two-legged thing trying to touch my baby lamb’’.Then I let out a low Bhaaa. I went to see if my baby was alright. Yeah go away two-legged thing.

Miss West point of view

The mother sheep followed me along the path.Picking up her paste cause she realised I was

within touching distance of her lamb.She let out a loud low blet which echoed across the padic the sleeping lamb lifted it’s head and turned towards us

before slowly returning to it’s sleep.As the sheep got closer and closer I thought about whether I should turn and run I began to panic was she going to attack me holding my breath I froze I sighed as the sheep dogged me and ran protectively towards her lamb few that was a close call.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018


This is my DIMC task that I did with my group this week.

Thursday, 23 August 2018


This is My Heads or tails coin flip task I did for my task one.

Teddy Town & Probability

Peephole Narrative

Once in a town there was a man named Peter.He was making his bed suddenly there was someone at the doorstep.So went to go and check who was at the door and Peter said ‘’who are you’’ said Peter then the man said ‘’your new neighbor’’ then peter said then ‘’why are you wearing all black’’ he said then the burglar smashed a rock through the door and hit peter

And peter flew back and waked his head and fainted.A few hours later he woke up and it was night time then he looked around and saw his secret safe open he said ‘’oh no’’ then he ran to it and looked in it and yell’d no and ran outside and saw the burglar and ran up to him like a bull and smashed into him and the burglar flew into the air and dropped the money.Suddenly the police came and saw Peter with the money and they thought that Peter stole the money and arrested him.The next day he was in his cell and one of the police threw him a half of a bread crust he said ‘’is that all’’

The police said eat it or starve he I rather starve then.Then a bell rang and all the cells opened and it was gym time he was struggling to do pull ups then a big guy came up to him and said ‘’are you finished yet’’ then Peter said no can’t you see I am trying to do a pull up and then the big guy got angry and punched him in the eye.Peter woke up in the prison hospital with a cold flannel on his eye he was allowed to watch TV then he switched it to the news and saw the same burglar who robbed him he said to the cop hey that is the same burglar that robbed me then the cop told him our apology sir we thought you were the burglar then they let him go back home with his money and his house was clean and his door was fixed and he said ‘’home sweet home’’ then the cops came to his house and gave him 900,10,000 and he said thank you very much and he live happily ever after.The End

Today me an Bella helped each other to check to see if we put full stops and cape tall letters and speech marks.She helped me fix some of my sentences and words. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Today this is what me and my group did for our DIMC task this week.My norm was cooperating with my group.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Cyber smart Quiz

This week we learned about smart foot prints. We played a fun game to teach us about posting the right things online.

Money everywere

This is my money everywere task this is how I solved it and answered it.

15 Questions

This is my 15 questions that I did in my math book.

My Narrative

One extremely hot morning there was a boy named Jake.He was so hot in his house he said “I want to go to the beach’’ he said so he put his togs on and an umbrella and a towel an a cheer.When he got there he said “where is everyone” he said who cares.Then he put his cheer down and his towel on the sand then he put his umbrella up.After that he went inside the water.He saw an scuba diving suit he checked the tank and it was full.He put it on and dived under.When he was diving he saw an old door he swam at the bottom he opened it and he saw an ancient sword in a rock he pulled it out and let out ghost and it go infested with them.So he said ahhh and swam back to the door.Then it slammed shut and he turned around and saw them and said ahhh. To Be Continued...

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


 This is what my group did for our dimc task this week.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

DIMC wk 3

This is what me and my group did.It was kinda hard when we were trying to work it out.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018



Last week I did skydiving I went on a plane 34,00 ft high in the plane.Well I was in the plane I felt scared.I jumped off the plane shooting down like a bullet and my checks were jiggling fast.I was screaming and going down it looked like I was going to hit myself but I pulled the cord and the parachute burst out like a explosion then the wind stopped hitting my face and my parachute yanked me up then I was using the cords on the side to turn then I landed nicely on my feet and I ran went My feet touched the grass .I was making grass angels.

Friday, 15 June 2018

My key competency

This is my key competency portfolio.We learned to make links and make a new page on our site.We made a link to manage ourselves. Managing yourself means you listen to who is talking.

This is my video that I made for my Key competency portfolio. I learned how to make links to different pages and show what managing self means. We are creating a google site to show how we use the key competency in class.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Across lake taupo

This is my work

Matariki Day

Last friday the hole School did matariki.We all went into different groups there was cooking movie making crafts and sports.My group was craft we made pois first we had to cut three long strings and Plated them.Then we did the same thing two more times then we rolled a ball and then grabbed two plastic bags and put them around the ball and tied it then we cut the sides of the plastic bags then we finished.After lunch we all went to our groups and put our bags on our back and walked to the hall and sat down and looked at what people mad and we watched three movies from the movie making group then we all went to class and went home.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Tom story

Today we had to show what we can write when we have 40 minutes to write without talking to others.We were able to work guietly to complete the task.

Once there was a boy name Tom he lived on a farm with his mum and dad.Tom did chores everyday his chores were looking after them all.There was a cow a horse a rabbit two chickens and birds.He had to feed them and wash them and train the chickens to lay eggs.One day there  was a big storm Toms mum told him that he could stay inside.Suddenly the gate open and all the farm animals were sacred and they got blown everywhere and the cow ran away then Toms mum and dad fell asleep then Tom grabbed his gumboots and raincoat and went outside and ran after the cow and grabbed it and put it in the barn and grabbed l the chickens and the rabbit and whiseled  so the birds can flow him back then he locked them all in the red barn and went back in the house allofasudden he didn't here the animals making noises then he went back and check the weren't there the the lighting smashed on the barn roof and the lights went out and he couldn't hear a sound the only sound he heard was the storm he walked in and heard a whisper it sad tom I’m down here he said were under this bunch of hey he saw a handel and and pulled it up and saw this rocking chair and he didn't see anyone he said how do you no my name cause I am a ghost I’ve heard your dad say your name lots of times tom said did you see all the animals disappear the ghost said I did it  there all down here sleeping tom said what's your name he sai jake me and my mum usto live on this farm and my dad went to the army and did not come back and mum died because she drank poison then I came down here and lived hear I had no food cause someone came in hear and locked it Then I woke up dead then Tom went up and all the animals were eating and were asleep.Then Tom went back inside his house and fell asleep on his bed. The End