Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Jack "s story

Once there was a boy his name was Jack he lived on a farm with his mum and his dad one day Jack walked threw the woods he found a big basket then he looked up and saw a ginormous colorful parachute he hoped in it and light it up and then flow away he was crashing throw rocks and he crashed in the water an floated he saw a beautiful land with birds singing and pink flowers falling down in the quiet stream and he was floating down to a forest with lime green grass and tall trees he stopped at the edge and hopped out.He saw a boy run into the tree and he said ‘’what were did he go’’ then he walked into the tree he said o it was a portal then he saw 5 boys fixing his air balloon Jack said how did you get that so fast they said they can run fast he said can you help me get back to my house they said yes the they fixed then I lit it and he flew up and there was a strong wind and it blew the fire out then it went down and crashed in certain death the he saw all the devils they took him in there jail then the forest boys helped him break out of prison then they went back to there home and made their own parachute and they finished making it they were hungry then they went to sleep.The next day they woke up and had breakfast and said goodbye and he flew off and went home when he got there he went to bed and went to sleep. The end

Friday, 11 May 2018

Immersion assembly

On Monday the whole school went to the hall for our Immersion assembly. First we watched team 1s item then team two,team 3 finally it was our turn. Our one was about our teachers that made a rocket ship with a teddy bear in it and a red flag with a 4 on it. They pushed the ship off the stage Then it was team 5s turn.Then we went back to class and started our work.