Friday, 17 August 2018

Cyber smart Quiz

This week we learned about smart foot prints. We played a fun game to teach us about posting the right things online.

Money everywere

This is my money everywere task this is how I solved it and answered it.

15 Questions

This is my 15 questions that I did in my math book.

My Narrative

One extremely hot morning there was a boy named Jake.He was so hot in his house he said “I want to go to the beach’’ he said so he put his togs on and an umbrella and a towel an a cheer.When he got there he said “where is everyone” he said who cares.Then he put his cheer down and his towel on the sand then he put his umbrella up.After that he went inside the water.He saw an scuba diving suit he checked the tank and it was full.He put it on and dived under.When he was diving he saw an old door he swam at the bottom he opened it and he saw an ancient sword in a rock he pulled it out and let out ghost and it go infested with them.So he said ahhh and swam back to the door.Then it slammed shut and he turned around and saw them and said ahhh. To Be Continued...

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


 This is what my group did for our dimc task this week.